1.  I have updated the ERHS Virtual Library that I created in the March.  This site has all the information that students might need (as well as some fun activities).  I am including a brief tutorial video that you can show your in-class students and post to Canvas for HCS At Home students. The video will also help new students understand some of the programs and activities going on in the library. The Virtual Library will also be home to the popular Question of the Day. I am also providing a direct link to the Question of the Day poll page that you can embed in your Canvas page if so desired. I will update this link daily The link will lead to a different question each day. 
    Question of the Day: 
    Virtual Library Tutorial:
  2. Checkouts this year will be handled via the ERHSonline public access catalog (OPAC).  Students will be able to search for books in the library and reserve them. They simply need to sign-in using their HCDE Google accounts. When books are reserved, I will pull them and then deliver said books to students throughout the day. Once books are returned to the library, per HCDE policy, books must be quarantined for 72 hours before they can be re-shelved. I have created another short video that just details OPAC.  OPAC can be reached via the ERHS Virtual Library or you can follow the link.                ERHS OPAC
    RHS OPAC Tutorial:
  3. At this time, students are not allowed to browse or handle books in the library. 
  4. Reading in the Wild will be happening again this year. Any teacher (or parent of HCS At Home students) can nominate a student that they see reading for pleasure throughout the day.  Teachers need only to text or email the student's name. Parents will be able to text me via Google Voice, email me, or fill out a Google form. All this information can be found in the Virtual Library.
  5. Teachers may schedule time in the library if needed and I am still very much open to trying some engaging activities; however, we would need to collaborate and come up with a safety guidelines that would adhere to HCDE Covid-19 policies. 
  6. The library will still be able to host reading incentive activities for students who have met reading criteria guidelines in the English classes. I will have to modify activities to adhere to HCDE Covid-19 guidelines, but where there's a will there's a way.  This means that at some point during the first semester, Library Mini-Golf will return and hopefully, the library haunted house as well! As always, teachers are encouraged to participate!
  7. Obviously, lunch is different this year, so there is no library lunch time for students. Along those same lines, all games and shared activities in the library are currently off-limits.  
I know this is a lot of information but watch the tutorial videos below to get a brief overview of the virtual library and OPAC and some of this will be covered in there as well. 

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