Joshua Leonard


Josh Leonard
Mathematics Teacher


E-mail is always the best way to contact me (see above for address). Unless I am teaching, it's likely I am not in my classroom, however I always have my cellphone nearby and check my inbox regularly throughout the school day. 


 Block  Fall 2019  Spring 2020
 1st  Geometry  Geometry
 2nd  Geometry  Geometry
 3rd  Math Intervention  Math Intervention
 4th  Planning  Planning
 5th  Geometry  Honors Geometry

Please be aware that I am often not in my room during planning due to meetings and other obligations. If you would like to meet during my planning, please e-mail me beforehand! I am also available briefly after school each day.

I will be assisting Olivia Conner with running a weekly after-school chess club! It's the sort of game that proves Kings are wusses and have to rely on others to save them from defeat. If you like knocking over little wooden pieces with your own little wooden pieces, then chess is definitely for you!


1. A spiral-bound notebook or three-ring binder for taking notes (provide your own)
2. Pencils and erasers or pens (provide your own)
3. SpringBoard Geometry textbook (provided by teacher)
4. TI-84 graphing calculator (provided by teacher)
5. Chromebook (provided by school)


 Block  Spring 2020  Code
 1st  Geometry  yr57jmt
 2nd  Geometry  5cvtviv
 3rd  Math Intervention  67vk6u
 5th  Honors Geometry  tftnqgu

Parents and guardians, if you would like to be added to your student's Google Classroom, please e-mail me to let me know! On Google Classroom, you'll see listed each day's assignments such as classwork, homework, and readings; the syllabus for the course; upcoming important dates such as unit tests, projects, and Benchmarks; as well as class notes.

Because Google Classroom participation is required, absences from class do not excuse students from any classwork or homework they may have missed. Students are expected to check Google Classroom daily to stay up-to-date on the class!


I'm originally from Johnson City, Tennessee, where I graduated from Daniel Boone High in 2006. I graduated from East Tennessee State University with a B.A. in Anthropology in 2013, and with a B.S. in Mathematics in 2016. As I finished my degree in Math, I applied for and was accepted into the sixth cohort of Project Inspire, a teacher-training program in Chattanooga. I moved here with my wife in May 2016, and began a year-long residency at Tyner Academy, while also earning my M.Ed. from Tennessee Tech University in Secondary Curriculum and Instruction. 

Outside of the classroom, my greatest passion is the outdoors. My wife and I are frequent backpackers; we love hiking and camping, and each summer we take long road trips to various National and State Parks across the country. 


2016-17: Algebra II, Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, ACT Prep
2017-18: Geometry, Algebra II, ACT Prep
2018-19: Geometry, Honors Geometry, Applied Mathematical Concepts
2019-20: Geometry, Honors Geometry

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