ERHS Weekly Update 8/24/20

Greetings ERHS Pioneer Family!  This is Ms. Sorrells with this week's updates.  We made it through the first week and for that, we must celebrate.  I cannot stress how critical it is for ALL of us to allow  grace and space to learn and grow.  This new normal is a stretch for all.  Do not stress yourself to the point that it is unhealthy.  It is quite alright to step back regroup, refocus, and restart.  We will get there together.

This week I have learned that with all of the different platforms and learning options, CLASSLINK is the KEY.  Please encourage all students to access CLASSLINK first and use the launchpad to access CANVAS.  All classes will be fully published in CANVAS immediately if they are not already visible.  CLASSLINK and CANVAS are district initiatives that will make this version of school much more efficient once we all are comfortable with the platforms.  A super shoutout to the teachers who have shared videos and animations to assist with navigating these platforms.  Students are encouraged to watch the videos posted by teachers.  Understanding the platforms is a vital part of instruction right now.  Keep learning and growing.  We all will get better and better. We are not interested in perfection.  Our goal is progress.

Congratulations to our football team for their win on Friday.  The football team will be back in action this Friday as well.  Our volleyball and girls' soccer teams will be in action on Tuesday and Thursday this week.  Let's support our Pioneers.

Thank you for continuing to take the necessary precautions for cleanliness and safety.  Our students and campus visitors have been super supportive with wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and sanitizing regularly.  We hope those practices will keep our campus open safely.  Remember to take the SAFE pledge and keep students home if they are not feeling well.  We appreciate your support.  Have a wonderful evening and look for this week's accountability forms via email, Facebook, and the webpage.

ERHS Accountability Form for 8/24/2020 

ERHS Accountability Form for 8/25/2020 

ERHS Accountability Form for 8/26/2020 

ERHS Accountability Form for 8/27/2020 

ERHS Accountability Form for 8/28/2020

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