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US History Civil Rights  

Click this link for 5/15 assignment:

MLK/Malcom X Assignment 5/2/18  

View and complete the following files in my file manager:

  • Ballot or the Bullet
  • Letters from a Birmingham Jail

4/26 Assignment  

Answer the questions on the board. Use the questions to tell about the Romanian Revoltuion, Singing Revolution, Prague Spring, and one instance of a communist government being overthrown.

4/18 Government Essay  

Choose one of the following Supreme Court cases. Write a two-page essay with background, each side's arguement, Supreme Court ruling, and your personal opinion on the Supreme Court's ruling. You will present your findings to the class. No more than two students may work on any one case.


Mapp v. Ohio

Tinker v. Des Moines

Engel v. Vitale

Schenck v. United States

Gideon v. Wainwright

Brandenberg v. Ohio

Texas v. Johnson

Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union

Plessy v. Ferguson

Brown v. Board of Education

Miranda v. Arizona

Regents of the University of California v. Bakke

United States v. Virginia (VMI)

New Jersey v. TLO

Roe v. Wade

Korematsu v. United States


Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier

Automobile Writing Prompt

Economics Final Exam  

The Butter Battle Book

Horton Hears a Who

The Sneetches

The Lorax

3/1 National Debt  

E.39 Research textual evidence in diverse formats to write a problem-solution piece recommending a course of action in regard to the national debt. (E, P)

Minimum two pages. Below are suggested resources.

Economics 2/22  

Groups will choose the following government programs and explain the impact on the economy. Please include the percentage of the federal budget each item includes, how the program benefits the United States, and if you agree with the amount of money spent by the government. Be specific!






National Park System

Foreign Aid

US History 2/22  

Imperialism in Political Cartoons

2/21 Economics  



Read the following article:

2/13 Wage Gap  

Summarize the following articles in three or more sentences.

2/6 Minimum Wage Essay  

Handwrite a minimum 1.5 page essay of your opinion if minimum wage should be raised/lowered/abolished. Use the readings below and/or your three observations.


Helpful Links

2/1 Economics - Free Trade  

Cite evidence from appropriate informational text to evaluate the arguments for and against free trade. Minimum two page essay. Below are some links to help you formulate an opinion on free trade.

1/31 Sub Plans  

US History - Turn in work tomorrow, February 1

  1. Read pages 122-127
  2. As you read pages 122-127, complete "Taking Notes: Key Ideas and Details" activity found on page 122
  3. Answer questions 1, 3, 4 on page 127
  4. Read pages 128-132
  5. Answer questions 1, 2, 4, 5 on page 132


Economics - Turn in work tomorrow, February 1

  1. Read pages 98-104
  2. Answer questions #1-3, 10.
  3. Complete assignment from Monday



1/29 US History Assignment  

Use your handout of both speeches to complete the graphic organizers on the board.

Write a three paragraph response:

First Paragraph: Summary of Booker T. Washington's thoughts on how black Americans should conduct themselves in a racist society.

Seoncd Paragraph: Summary of W.E.B. DuBois' thoughts on how black Americans should conduct themselves in a racist society.

Third Paragraph: Choose a side and write why you think either Booker T. Washington or W.E.B. DuBois is correct.


Turn in your assignment, graphic organizers and three-paragraph written response, tomorrow, Tuesday, January 30th.

1/29 Economics Assignment  

Examine informational text and primary sources to analyze the major ideas of the following economists. Write a paragraph summary of each economist explaining his major idea(s). Turn in tomorrow, Tuesday, January 30th.

 Adam Smith

 Thomas Malthus

 Karl Marx

 John Maynard Keynes

 Friedrich Hayek

 Milton Friedman

 Ben Bernanke

1/25 US History Writing Assignment  

Read both of the following primary documents and write a 1-page essay in support for or against free silver. The first document is an argument in support of free silver, while the second is in opposition to it. Choose a side and make an argument in support of that side drawing upon ideas raised in the textbook, class lecture/discussion and the supporting primary document. At least one paragraph must address the other side's position and why their arguments are invalid (in your opinion). Also, include one paragraph addressing the perspective of the writer and why they may have used the arguments they did.

Link to primary source documents

1/25 Economics Writing Assignment  
  • Find an article about the Venezuelan economic crisis. 
  • Why has the Venezuelan economy crashed?
  • Has the government been at fault for the Venezuelan economic crisis? How?
  • Write a response that is at least one page.

1/24 US History  

Political Cartoon Analysis:

Cross of Gold Writing Assignment:

1/16 US History Quiz  

13th Amendment
14th Amendment
15th Amendment
Election of 1876
Compromise of 1877
Plessy v Ferguson

1/12 US History Yellow Fever Links

1/12 US History Kahoot!  

Complete these Kahoot challenges before Monday night

Challenge Link:

PIN: 0900045

Challenge Link:

PIN: 0888366

1/12 Economics Kahoot!  

Complete this Kahoot challenge before Monday night.

Challenge Link:

PIN: 0565296

1/11 US History  

Lets look at some Thomas Nast political cartoons

1/10 US History  

African American CongressmenAfrican American Tennessee State Legislators

Link to article on African American legislators:

Yellow Fever in Memphis links:




1/9 US History  

Agricultural Map

Industrial Regions

Natural Resources Map

12/14 Sub Plans  

On your own sheet of paper, complete "Final Exam Prep" found in the file manager under 2017-18 Government Assignments. Turn in this assignment tomorrow.


If you are finished with the Final Exam Prep, work on missing assignments.

12/4 Sub Plans   

Students, I am out today. I need you to complete the assignments that have been uploaded to the File Manager. Hold on to these assignments and turn them in tomorrow.


Voting Rights - Using page 3. complete pages 1&2 on your own sheet of paper .

Road to Civil Rights - Using the entire packet, complete pages 1, 5-7 on your own sheet of paper.

11/29 Test  

Follow instructions on the board. Your blank paper must be first checked by me. The following links may be helpful. Writing must stay on topic, use proper grammer, and be 1.5-2 pages.


Choose between Marbury v Madison, McCullouch v Maryland, or United States v Nixon. 

  1. Why is this case important?
  2. How did the Supreme Court rule?
  3. What does this mean for the United States going forward?


US v Nixon


Marbury v Madison

11/27 State Civics Assessment  

This Friday is the State Civics Assessment. The test is identical to the US Citizenship test. Below are helpful links. Please study and be ready to test during your normal class period.


20 study questions from the US Citizenship test

Here is a comprehsive list of potential test questions

11/20 Writing Assignment  

1.5 - 2 pages

GC.19 Write an opinion piece with supporting details that argues whether to interpret the U.S. Constitution as a "living document" or to determine the “original intent” of the Founding Fathers. (H)


Helpful Links!/introessays/3/the-originalist-perspective

Free Trade Essay  

Cite evidence from appropriate informational text to evaluate the arguments for and against free trade. Minimum two page essay. Below are some links to help you formulate an opinion on free trade.

Eminent Domain

Illusion of Choice

September 15th, 2017  

Use appropriate informational text to analyze costs and benefits of government policies (Social Security, Medicare, Earned Income credits) and cite evidence from multiple sources to argue for or against one example of such a government policy or program. Minimum three article quotes, 1.5 page.


Social Security opinion articles

Medicare opinion articles

Earned Income Tax Credits opinion articles

September 7th, 2017  
  • Pull up and complete the Role of Government pre-quiz in the file manager.
  • After completing the pre-quiz, familiarize yourself with at least two of the following economists and their economic philosophies.
  1. Adam Smith
  2. Thomas Malthus
  3. Karl Marx
  4. John Maynard Keynes
  5. Friedrich Hayek
  6. Milton Friedman
  • After completing this, read pages 410-419 of your textbook.
  • After completing this, answer #1-3, 5 on page 419.
  • After completing this, ponder your existence and question whether you produced quality work.

September 5th, 2017  

Study guide has been added to the file manager. Below are standards covered by this unit. Be ready for tomorrow!

Supply and Demand

Students will understand the role that supply and demand, prices, and profits play in determining production and distribution in a market economy.

E.11 Define supply and demand, and provide relevant examples. (E)

E.12 Describe the role of buyers and sellers in determining the equilibrium price. (E)

E.14 Explain that consumers ultimately determine what is produced in a market economy (consumer sovereignty). (C, E)

E.15 Explain the function of profit in a market economy as an incentive for entrepreneurs to accept the risks of business failure. (C, E)

E.16 Demonstrate how supply and demand determine equilibrium price and quantity in the product, resource, and financial markets, including drawing and reading supply and demand curves. (E)

E.17 Identify factors that cause changes in market supply and demand. (E)

E.18 Demonstrate how changes in supply and demand influence equilibrium price and quantity in the product, resource, and financial markets. (E)

E.19 Demonstrate how government wage and price controls, such as rent controls and minimum wage laws, create shortages and surpluses. (E)

E. 20 Cite evidence from appropriate informational texts to argue in an opinion piece for or against the minimum wage. (E) E.

21 Use concepts of price elasticity of demand and supply to explain and predict changes in quantity as prices fluctuate. (E)

August 31st, 2017  

Read the four links below and take notes. We will write an essay for or against raising minimum wage.

8/17/17 5th Block  

Students, read the following article when finished with your assignment. Be ready for discussion at 2:00,

Economics Test 8/22/17  

Test Tuesday, 8/22/17. A pre-test has been uploaded to the file manager.